About Me

I am Rachel Ann Schoenbauer and I publish under R. Schoenbauer.

I’ve always been a writer, ever since I was tiny and penning knock-off Nancy Drew mysteries where the mystery was, “Where is the fancy necklace hidden?”

For whatever reason, I decided to get a dual degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and ended up with a Bachelor’s of Computer Science, one in Theatre, and a certificate in Technology, Arts, and Media. None of these things appear to deal directly with writing, but Theatre is pretty much the equivalent of majoring in everything just enough to fake it on stage, and Computer Science is full of all sorts of fascinating theoretical computing that just begs to be fictionalized. The certificate means I know how to putter around a website, though I’m not sure you can tell from the look of this one.

After an enjoyable few years programming, I found myself using all my spare time in the equivalent of a part-time writing gig and decided to make it a full-time writing gig.

My primary loves are science fiction and fantasy. I’ve read voraciously and insatiably since I was small, and I’m always finding tiny unexplored corners of my favorite genres that I itch to fill with stories of my own.

I also perform developmental editing through Dreamslate Publishing.

I can be found on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.